Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mine is an Awkward Age

Did you know that the blog automatically updates your age? The scary side of technology. However, nature has its own insidious way of reminding you that you are heading up and over the hill. It's the evolution Darwin didn't talk about. Along about the time you find the blare of annoying pop songs is keeping you from even window shopping at the trendier shops in the mall you find a previous disdain for 100% polyester, elastic waist band slacks is turning to a grudging affection. There is even respect for the black slacks. Why, they'll go with almost anything. Eventually the pastel shades are no longer offensive to the eye. Even the purple. Well, maybe not the purple. Remember those large flower print blouses you used to imagine as drapes or upholstery? Somehow you start imagining a nice skirt, a suit maybe, from that upholstery in the hotel lobby.

Last week I spent a good 48 hours of indecision before not purchasing a yellow, pardon me - mustard, pair of loafers that matched perfectly my new yellow, pardon me - mustard purse. I'm not sure yet what kept me from plunking down the cash. They did look wonderfully comfy.

Needing an in-between sweater jacket item for spring I returned home from Sears yesterday with a 100% polyester, pale mint green, elastic cuffed, zipper front, fully lined jacket with the darlingest little sunflower appliques. When I modeled it for my daughter Janet she physically recoiled before offering the opinion that it was nice, but perhaps just a little bit "old lady". I explained that it would indeed be "old lady" if I had purchased the matching 100% polyester, pale mint green slacks. However, I would be wearing it with my dungarees, pardon me - blue jeans, therefore it was a hep middle-age happening thing. What does it mean when a teenager pats you on the head and sighs?

Say, does anyone else watch "Murder, She Wrote" for the fashions? Mine is an awkward age.


  1. Well, you are Caftan Woman aren't you?

  2. There! Not only is nature insidious, it's subtle!

  3. I am not yet to the "embracing the polyester" phase of womanhood, but I did do a killer rendition of "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" in my grandmother's rain bonnet last week. The awkward part resides in the fact that I almost kept the thing on.

    Hey, I have thick, naturally curly hair...and it was humid!!

  4. Rain bonnet? Oooh, I gotta get me a rain bonnet.

  5. You've truly not lived until you have sung show tunes in a rain bonnet. I highly recommend it!

    Well, I'm off for some quick shoe shopping. Loafers - non mustard.