Caftan Woman

Caftan Woman

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

I want to take this opportunity to wish all of my American friends a happy Memorial Day. I hope you have pleasant weather for get-togethers and outdoor activities. I hope you have those quiet moments to reflect on the sacrifices of the past and present, and to recall your storied Decoration Day.

I have a particular fondness for band concerts, and have semi-officially adopted your May holiday so I can enjoy the PBS presentation of the concert from Washington. It's a very well done program that never fails to leave me in tears with its presentations of loss and wonderful music. The host in recent years has been Joe Mantegna, and fine actor and gentleman that he is, my teenage daughter and I dearly miss the presence of the late Ossie Davis as host. This is where Janet first got to know him, as a passionate speaker, and later as an actor. Impressed though she was with young Sidney Poitier and with Richard Widmark when I showed her Joe Mankiewicz's "No Way Out" (1950), it was the sight of young Ossie that made her squeal at the television. I digress. To my American friends, be proud of your traditions and enjoy a well-deserved day off. I salute you.


  1. I am a little slow on the blog today...stay tuned for a Memorial Day post on mine.

    For now, thank you for this beautiful tribute, CW. You really captured what the holiday is supposed to be.