Caftan Woman

Caftan Woman

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Since I've been away

While the computer was down, there have been a number of firsts. American elected its first President of mixed heritage. It has been eye-opening for this Canadian observer to witness the emotion that swirls around a US election. The president is like a child, carrying into the office all sorts of hopes and worries.

This president is like a special needs child where all of the hopes and the worries are heightened to an almost unbelievable degree. President-elect Obama is a tall man. I hope he is as tall in spirit as he must be to do the job that must be done and to carry all of those hopes and worries.

At the behest of my sister Tracey, and the $3.50 charge, I had my first martini. It wasn't really a martini in the Nick Charles sense. After all, it was named after a candy bar, but seeing as my usual drink is a black russian, it seemed like the way to go.
I also had my first Starbucks Coffee. It was a double tall latte (which is small). I admit to feeling like a jackass ordering the thing, but it was tasty and when in Rome...
My other sister, Maureen, opened my eyes to the marvelous Jacques Tati with a Cinematheque Ontario screening of Mon Oncle. Did you know there was such a thing as low-key slapstick? Delightful humour and an infectious jazzy score have me wanting more. Thanks, Mo.


  1. First of all, you make a lovely Nora. You hold that martini like a pro (not an alcoholic but a professional film noire femme fatale).

    Second of all, force Miss Tracey to post something new. Not that I don't enjoy her lovely face but...

    Thirdly, keep your computer connected and keep the posts coming. You have been missed and you are enjoyed.

    Lastly, stop blushing.

  2. Check. Check (Heaven knows I've badgered her). Check. Check.