Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Lakeshore Phenomenon?

I am somewhat of a habitue of the Lakeshore Boulevard West neighbourhood in Toronto. A few blocks from hearth (computer) and TCM, it houses my laundromat, my bank, a variety of grocery and dollar stores, coffee shops, a 7-11 and my Avon lady. While going about my routine of laundry, coffee and checking the lotto I noticed an interesting and somewhat disturbing phenomenon. There is generally a line-up for The Beer Store which opens at 10:00 am. A line-up of men and women of varying ages and backgrounds. Most of them have carts with empties. None of them look happy to be there. A line-up? Is there a prize for the first customer of the day? Are they afraid the corporation will run out of product? This is the Lakeshore. I find the proximity and view of Lake Ontario to be bracing and inspiring. I find the view of a line-up at The Beer Store simply makes me sad.


  1. Hey, it's the Lakeshore, they MIGHT run out of product! I witnessed the same thing when I lived in Parkdale and you're right, they never looked happy to be there...except one guy...he was always stoked. Watching him made it less unpleasant. His life might have been in the dumps, but he was happy about his beer!

  2. Wow...sounds like some of the parents of kids I take care of at work are moonlighting in Toronto!! Sad, isn't it?