Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good for what ails you!

Music therapy is of undisputed assistance for many ailments and disorders. My story will not add to this scientific fact, however you may not be aware of the healing powers of Joe and Eddie. I was feeling poorly - aches, chills, the yuckies - but one listen of There's a Meetin' Here Tonight and darn if the miseries didn't disappear.

Joe Gilbert (tenor) and Eddie Brown (baritone) were both born in 1941 and brought up in the southern US. Joe in New Orleans, LA and Eddie in Norfolk, VA. Their families relocated to Berkeley, CA in the 50s and it was at Willard High School, in the A Capella Choir that Joe and Eddie met and teamed up for a High School Talent Show. They won first place. Naturally, they decided to pursue show business and the good looking, talented folk/gospel duo won many fans. Record albums, television programs and night club appearances across North America kept them busy. A 1966 car accident claimed the life of Joe Gilbert. Eddie Brown can update you on his story at

Here is a link to Joe and Eddie's performance of Children, Go Where I Send Thee on The Danny Kaye Show. I'll wager it will trump any other favourite versions you may have of the song.

While you're in YouTube land, check out the other Joe and Eddie posts from fans. They are scant in number, but mighty in talent. Take special note of their take of Phil Ochs That's the Way It's Gonna Be (bless his hippy heart). It's a dandy! The amazing Janet thinks it should be a movie theme. Her idea leads to the thought that many a performer or song from the past enjoys a revival when placed in a current movie by some backward looking director. If I may presume to speak on behalf of the Joe and Eddie fans, the gentlemen are overdue.


  1. You are a wonderment! I had forgotten about Joe and Eddie. That was fantastic!. Having my favorite entertainer of all time, Danny Kaye, introduce them was an added bonus. Don't we live in amazing times? Will wonders never cease?

  2. It's so true! All the great entertainers are right there at our fingertips to enjoy and share. One of the biggest kicks I get out of YouTube are the youngsters who comment with their delight at the discoveries of the talent that has come before.