Sunday, July 21, 2019

LEGENDS OF WESTERN CINEMA WEEK 2019: Post 1 of 5, A History of Westerns on this Blog

The LEGENDS OF WESTERN CINEMA WEEK is an online celebration running from July 21 - 27. It is hosted by Heidi of Along the Brandywine, Olivia of Meanwhile, in Rivendell and Hamlette's Soliloquy. 

"Do you love western movies? Do you like western movies? Do you kind of fondly tolerate western movies? This blog celebration is for you! We welcome you whether you adore the genre, enjoy just a few cowboy films or fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum."

How much does my blog represent my fondness for westerns? A roundup of posts of the last 11 years shouldn't have surprised me as much as it did. I hope to stir some of your personal memories by the titles on these lists, and I have highlighted two which you may find fun, especially the piece on the Emmy Awards.

Caftan Woman's Choice
Since September 2011 I have written a monthly TCM recommendation. 

Stars in My Crown, May 2012
Fort Apache, June 2012
A Big Hand for the Little Lady, September 2012
Winchester '73, May 2013
Rio Grande, April 2014
Ride Lonesome, December 2016
The Far Country, May 2017
Comanche Station, January 2018
Heaven Only Knows, November 2018
Under Western Stars, February 2019
Angel and the Badman, April 2019

What say you to the August 2015 selection of The Tall Target? Could this historical adventure be included under the western umbrella?


AFI Top Ten Westerns, June 2008
AFI Top Ten Westerns Part II, June 2008

3 Bad Men, October 2015
The Arizonian and The Marshal of Mesa City, March 2019
Bend of the River, April 2014
Canyon Passage, April 2018
Day of the Outlaw, July 2018
Destry, June 2019
Destry Rides Again, April 2015
Gunman's Walk, March 2015
Hangman's Knot, January 2015
Hell's Heroes and The Big Country, May 2017
The Last Hunt, April 2019
My Darling Clementine, February 2013
The Proud Rebel, March 2018
Raton Pass and The Big Country, August 2015
Rawhide (1938), June 2016
Rawhide (1951), September 2017
The Red Pony, September 2015
Ride the High Country, April 2014
Ride the High Country (haiku), April 2011
Rio Grande (kiss), February 2016
Ruggles of Red Gap, October 2011
The Searchers, June 2015
Shane, December 2013
Shane (rain), March 2017
The Shootist, September 2015,
Support Your Local Sheriff!, April 2008
Support Your Local Sheriff! (meet-cute), February 2019
Three Godfathers (1936), June 2014
True Grit (1969), September 2010
The Virginian (1946), November 2016
Way Out West (1937), January 2012
Yellow Sky, November 2018


Gunsmoke, April 2008
Gunsmoke (The Guitar), March 2019
Gunsmoke (Chester vs. Festus), July 2011
Ida Lupino (TV western actress and director), February 2018
Maverick (Pappy), June 2011
Maverick (Shady Deal at Sunny Acres), March 2016
The Virginian (The Accomplice), April 2018
The Virginian (The Mountain of the Sun), October 2018
Wagon Train (Little Girl Lost), March 2017
Wagon Train (The Ella Lindstrom Story), April 2019
Zane Grey Theatre (Deadfall), August 2018

- Paula Nolan, 1979


James Arness, June 2011
Peter Breck, February 2012
Harry Carey and Harry Carey Jr., November 2015
Hoppy's pals, April 2009
Richard Kiley, April 2012
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, July 2013
Morgan Woodward, July 2010

I'm looking forward to sharing the love for westerns and will be back throughout the week with some new and fun posts for the party.


  1. It's been fun to go back and re-read some of your reviews of my favorite Westerns like THE FAR COUNTRY and WINCHESTER '73!

    1. Thank you so much. I'm looking forward to much fun celebrating westerns this week.

  2. Who are some of your favorite actresses that did western movies? BARABARA STANWYCK could very well be on the list but she is best known for the TV series THE BIG VALLEY which is a fave of mine(and I think yours too). I liked THE LAST WAGON that starred RICHARD WIDMARK. I think FELICIA FARR did a good job in that movie. She did at least 6 westerns, I think, including JUBAL with GLENN FORD. She was the second wife of JACK LEMMON and they were still married at the time of his passing in 2001. She was also in REPRISAL with GUY MADISON and KATHRYN GRANT. KATHRYN later became KATHRYN CROSBY, the wife(and widow) of BING CROSBY. She did other westerns too. Kathryn, of course, is the mother of MARY CROSBY who played KRISTIN who shot J.R. EWING(LARRY HAGMAN) on DALLAS. Have you seen FELICIA and KATHRYN in any of their western movies? Kathryn was in ANATOMY OF A MURDER with JIMMY STEWART.

  3. I made a typo on MISS STANWYCKS first name. I meant BARBARA. Also do you like CARROLL BAKER in movies? She is also a fave of mine. The westerns Ive seen her in are HOW THE WEST WAS WON, THE BIG COUNTRY and CHEYENNE AUTUMN(in that order). The main thing I like about Cheyenne Autumn is RICHARD WIDMARK and MISS BAKER who is still with us at age 88.

  4. P.S. I meant to add that RICHARD WIDMARK is on both of my posts I just made. Richard is one of my absolute favorites for westerns along with GLENN FORD.

  5. 1. I think Felicia Farr is outstanding in 3:10 to Yuma and feel the same way about Kathryn Grant in Gunman's Walk, one of three movies she made with director Phil Karlson.

    2. Carroll Baker does fine work in those 3 westerns you mentioned which I count among my favourites, especially The Big Country.

    3. I think of Richard Widmark as a most intelligent and thoughtful actor. I will watch him in anything.

  6. So is Paula still an artist?

    1. She'd taken what I thought was too long a break but recently got back into it. We're very glad of that.

      Recently folks marveled at the heft of the purse Janet carries around. She explained that she needs to have her sketch books. Gavin always has a big book of construction paper and hundreds of crayons in his backpack. My 83 year old mom has taken up the joy of the adult colouring books. Nothing but artists as far as the eye can see. The gene passed me by, big time.

  7. I just looked up some info on GARY CROSBY, the stepson of KATHRYN GRANT. According to imdb he was in JUSTIN MORGAN HAD A HORSE that I remember you said was the first time you recall seeing DON MURRAY. The movie also had LANA WOOD, the younger sister of NATALIE WOOD. LANA played DEBBIE at age 10 and NATALIE played her at age 15 in the movie THE SEARCHERS with JOHN WAYNE.

    1. The familial connections in that old industry town of Hollywood are many.

  8. Wow, thank you for sharing! I definitely found some new titles in your list I'm looking forward to checking out. :)

    And welcome to the party, so happy to have you along!

    1. Thanks. You make me feel very welcome.

      It is always fun to discover new titles. It is one of my favourite things about the blogging community.

  9. So many dear friends! So many titles I haven't gotten to yet! Very, very cool lists here :-) Love it!

    1. Thanks. I surprised myself with this trip down Memory Lane. It is so grand to run into old friends.

  10. Who is Paula? That's great about your family being artistic!

    1. My sister drew that caricature of Matt Dillon that I used in the post.

  11. Patricia and Paula. Do you have any other siblings? Also we have mentioned LLOYD NOLAN and there is KATHLEEN NOLAN who earlier went by KATHY NOLAN. Do you remember Kathleen from some of her GUNSMOKE appearances? She also played Liberty known as Libby on an ep of THE BIG VALLEY where she and Heath had grown up in the mining camps together and Heath had wanted to marry her. Miss Nolan was the FIRST woman that was president of the SCREEN ACTORS GUILD. (PATTY DUKE was the second.)

    1. I had forgotten about Kathleen Nolan's presidency of SAG. Nice to be reminded that there is so much more to the faces we know.

      I am the eldest of four sisters.

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