Monday, August 17, 2020


Hamlette's Soliloquy and Along the Brandywine are our hosts for the online celebration Legends of Western Cinema Week, during August 17 - 21. The celebration of your (our) favourite westerns will certainly brighten the summer of 2020.

Here's the tag to start off the fun!

1. What's the last western you watched?

A re-watch of Hangman's Knot, 1952 starring Randolph Scott and written and directed by Roy "Maverick" Huggins. This time, I got the hubby to watch it with me!

2. A western of any stripe (happy or tragic) where you were highly satisfied by the ending?

The ending of Three Godfathers, 1936 when Bob gets the baby back to the church in New Jerusalem breaks my heart with its symmetry.

3. The funniest western you've seen?

Laurel and Hardy in Way Out West, 1937 has never failed to crack me up. 

4. What similar elements/themes show up in your favorite westerns?

Perseverance over difficult circumstances and/or difficult people is featured time and time again in my favourite westerns. 

5. Favorite actress who made 1 or more westerns?

I  adore Claire Trevor in Stagecoach, Dark Command, Texas, The Desperadoes, Best of the Badmen, and Man Without a Star.

6. Favorite western hero/sidekick pairing?

Gabby Hayes with William Boyd as Hopalong Cassidy. No.

Gabby Hayes with Roy Rogers. No.

Gabby Hayes with Randolph Scott. No.

Gabby Hayes with John Wayne. Well ... the answer is ...


7. Scariest villain/antagonist in a Western?

Lee Van Cleef as Frank in Ride Lonesome, 1959 says of the man his gang is pursuing "I did him a hurt once." Regarding that murder, "That was a long time ago. I almost forgot." Imagine committing so many vicious acts, that you can forget one.

8. Favorite romance in a western?

Gail Russell and John Wayne as Penelope Worth and Quirt Evans in Angel and the Badman, 1947. Their romance is played out with quirky and thoughtful dialogue and performances highlighting the Quaker girl's surety in their destiny and the gunfighter's confusion at this turn in his life.

9. Three of your favorite westerns?

Canyon Passage, 1946 - Jacques Tourneur

Blood on the Moon, 1948 - Robert Wise

7 Men from Now, 1956 - Budd Boetticher

10. Share one (or several!) of your favorite quotes from a western.

Joey: "Well, maybe you shouldn't drink, then you'd have six bits when you need it."
- Brandon De Wilde to Jimmy Stewart in Night Passage, 1957

Wyatt: "Mac, you ever been in love?"
Mac: "No. I've been a bartender all me life."
- Henry Fonda and J. Farrell MacDonald in My Darling Clementine, 1946

Ryker: "I like Starrett, too. I'll kill him if I have to. I tell you, I'll kill him if I have to."
Wilson: "You mean I'll kill him if you have to."
- Emile Meyer and Jack Palance in Shane, 1953

NOTE: I'll be back tomorrow with the first of three posts looking at Barbara Stanwyck and her work in television westerns.


  1. I thought about watching THREE GODFATHERS back in June for my month of Westerns because I know it’s one of your favorites, but there were too many other movies I wanted to see first, and I already had STAGECOACH on the list as my John Wayne movie. Another time perhaps.

    What is Claire Trevor wearing? It looks like something just exploded behind her.

    1. Chester Morris is the star of the 1936 Three Godfathers. John Ford/John Wayne fan that I am, I prefer it to their 1948 version. I highly recommend it.

      Not just anyone could carry off that feather crown. Claire's outfit in The Desperadoes is designed by Travilla.

    2. Oh. More than one version. Didn’t know that.

    3. Get set for trivia with you may astound your friends and confound your enemies.

      The first version was made in 1916. John Ford directed a version called Marked Men in 1919 which is apparently lost.

      The first sound version is Hell's Heroes directed by William Wyler. I think it is excellent, however it is the 1936 version directed by Richard Bowleslawski that has my heart. John Ford returned to it in 1948 I think the story was a comfort to him after the war.

      Jack Palance was in a TV movie version called The Godchild in 1974 that was directed by John Badham. Tokyo Godfathers in 2003 is another take on the story by Peter B. Kyne.

  2. BARBARA STANWYCK! I was just thinking about her yesterday because she was in ROUSTABOUT with ELVIS PRESLEY. Yesterday was the anniversary of the passing of Elvis. He has been gone for 43 years now(since 1977). Did you see a lot of the movies that Elvis did? I am a fan of Elvis and really like most of his movies. Elvis was a natural actor as was JOHN WAYNE(DUKE) and CLARK GABLE.

    1. Oh, that's why I saw so many pictures of Elvis online yesterday. I enjoyed Elvis in Flaming Star, King Creole, Kid Galahad, and I have a nostalgic feeling about Spin Out.

  3. Hi! You inspired me to answer one of the questions on this tag with Three Godfathers as well! :D

    1. It is a pleasure to meet another fan of the excellent 1936 movie.

      Thanks for pointing me in the direction of The Six-Shooter.

    2. I hope you enjoy it.

  4. Totally agree: The quote from My Darling Clementine is about the best there is (It's also my favorite Western). And you're right, the ending of the 1936 version of Three Godfathers is extraordinarily moving, as Chester Morris staggers into the church to give the baby to the heroine. The version starring Charles Bickford (retitled Hell's Heroes) has a similar beautiful ending when he walks into the church with the baby and falls to his knees. And of course the John Wayne/John Ford version, in this instance, staggering into a bar with the child, to be greeted by Francis Ford (who else?).

    Plus - Way Out West with L&H has THE best dance number of ANY western there is!

    1. You and I could have a grand day watching a western marathon! Nary a discouraging word would be heard.

  5. Paddy Lee, I hope you are having a good week. I really enjoyed your answers to these thought triggering questions. The quotes you chose are gems. I think that Gail Russell as Penelope Worth proved hands down, that the good woman can project a huge memorable presence in a Western.

    I look forward to your Barbara Stanwyck in TV Westerns write-up.

    P.S. Is THE SIX SHOOTER the NBC Radio Western series with James Stewart that aired 1953-54?

    1. Thank you so much, Walter.

      Yes. The Six-Shooter is online on Old Time Radio sites and YouTube. My dialysis days just got a lot more pleasant!

  6. Wonderful answers! Gabby Hayes just rules as a sidekick, that's all there is to it!

    So many favorites here <3 Especially Angel and the Badman, which I adore! And some I haven't gotten to yet, but will soon (I hope), like Canyon Passage.

    Thanks so much for joining the fun :-) I'm looking forward to reading your posts on Stanwyck!

    1. Thank you so much, you and Heidi for all of your work in organizing this fun week.

      Canyon Passage is quite memorable. I'm sure you'll be impressed.

  7. What a cool post! I enjoyed reading about your selections, and have earmarked many to watch. I share your love of "Way Out West"! The Western I watched most recently was "The Moonlighter" with Stanwyck and Macmurray. I enjoyed that very much!

    1. Thanks.

      Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray made an amazing screen team. I wish they had filmed some of that location in The Moonlighter in colour.

  8. You've seen so many that I haven't even heard of, this is like finding a treasure chest! I love the name Quirt Evans, it just fits his character so well. And yes to Gabby Hayes as a sidekick!

    1. I find that so true of the movie blogging world, the discoveries of new titles through other's eyes.

  9. The quote from My Darling Clementine is perfect - and hylarious! Girl, I couldn't choose only three of my favorite westerns! And I have to say Lee Van Cleef's presence alone is so chilling. He has the perfect face for a western villain.

    1. It is quite an exercise to choose 3 of your favourite westerns. I dare you!

      Thanks for stopping by. It is always nice to see you.

  10. Really enjoyed your answers! You always give me at least one new title to look up... so thank you! :) Also, Lee Van Cleef is like the Essential Villain of All Time, isn't he? I also really like Claire Trevor and I'm so glad you mentioned Angel and the Badman. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with that one (one minute I'll absolutely love it, the next mehhhh), but somehow Quirt and Penelope's romance still lands among my top favorites -- I'm so glad you mentioned it.

    1. Thanks for your wonderful comments. I love sharing my fondness for westerns. Van Cleef took me by surprise in Ride Lonesome with the depth of his villainy.

      I hear you regarding Angel and the Badman. I wasn't too keen on it my first go around, but something about it stayed with me and over the years it has become a favourite.



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