Sunday, August 10, 2008

Frank, for all generations

We are a lifestyle transit user family, but a couple of times a year our good friend, Jackie, gives us the loan of her car for a couple of days to take THE BOY to summer camp and do wild things like shop at distant supermarkets or go out to dinner where they have real cutlery.

The Hubby was excited this year about giving his CD collection a work out - headin' on down the road cranking his tunes - the noisy, rock stuff that I freely admit is over my head. In fact, he kept talking about it when time came to escort the females in his family to our annual trip to The Keg. I visibly braced myself for the onslaught of electric guitars amped to the max and was instead greeted to the vocal stylings of Frank Sinatra. I must have given the anticipated comic reaction because better half and daughter chuckled appreciatively.

We had a fine time tearing a cow apart with our teeth, and bantering with a waiter who had his schtick down pat. When we parked in the abode driveway Janet asked her dad for the CD. He asked her why as if suspicious that she was on a teenage rant and wanted to destroy the item. She gave him the what-else answer of "I want it for my ipod". Frank is timeless.

Here's Frank with my favourite guys. A tip of the hat to Toronto composer Ruth Lowe, and to the lovely leading lady of The Pied Pipers:


  1. CW, some talents are such that they transcend the generations. Old Blue Eyes is one of them. Atta girl, Janet!

  2. My daughter is "familiar" with Frank but he's not inher ipod...yet. I refuse to stop barraging her with Sinatra until she gets it. Once I have her in my powers, I'll hit her with Dean and Nat.

  3. It takes patience. For a long time, she kept confusing Dean with Perry. However, there's never been any mistaking Nat. Even hubby would say that when he was a teen, rebelling and listening to the Beatles, he knew when his folks played Cole, that here was a man who could sing.

  4. Wonderful story. There's something about Frank that is cool in a timeless way, and your account is further proof of it. :)

    P.S. I too love going to restaurants with "real cutlery"!

  5. What a star! Do love a bit of Frank Sinatra - used to dislike him as watched him in Young at Heart and left Gig Young heartbroken. Now of course I forgive him for that singing voice alone!



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