Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Hollywood Haiku

The gathered suspects

tremble 'neath Inspector's glare

"You are murderer"


  1. Just saw "Double Dynamite" with Sinatra and Groucho for the first time. What the hell were they doing together in a movie? Jane Russell too? I thought it almost worked. I guess it did work actually. I did watch the whole thing - mostly out of odd curiosity.

    By the way, did your nutty sister ever get/watch the video I sent her? I never heard from her.

    Enjoy life, nice lady.

  2. You never heard from my sister? Somehow I'm not surprised. It's not from lack of caring on her part. (At least that's what we tell ourselves when e-mails, phone calls go unanswered) It's just that she's an awfully busy gal. I'll give her a nudge.

    "Double Dynamite". Yeah, if you stayed until the end then it worked. I would bet that it was a hoot to work on.

  3. Too funny. Love the Haiku. This could be a meme.


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