Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lucky 7 X 7

It has been a couple of weeks since that eminent Man of Letters, Lee Price, honoured this corner of the blogosphere with the 7 X 7 Link Award.  I vaguely recall blushing, sharing the good news with my family and promising to follow-up with the responsibilities of the recipient.  Well, as happens with all of us, there are times when the blog is your life and times when life gets in the way of your blog. 

The first duty of the recipient is to thank the giver and that I do most happily.  Thank you, Lee, friend of my IMDb days and beyond.  If you choose to take a look at the Blog list on the right, you will find two of Lee's contributions to the blogging world to visit, 21 Essays and Art and June.  I am pleased to know that you will thank me for pointing you in their direction. 

 No. 2 encourages the recipient to share seven random facts about themselves.  H'm.
  • I consider toast and peanut butter to be a delicacy, and gravy a beverage.
  • As a child I thought that being an adult meant that your feet would touch the floor when you sat down.  This has not proven to always be the case.
Beatrice, Rosemary
  • I am the "grandmother" of two cats, Beatrice, named for the "B" in J.B. Fletcher, and Rosemary, named for Miss Clooney of musical fame.
  • I alphabetize my movie/tv show collection.
  • I am at the stage of life where I don't know who any of the major baseball players are, but I recognize the coaches.
  • Jerome Moross' theme for Wagon Train can make me cry.
  • I am afraid of heights. 

The 3rd responsibility is one that requires some thought.  It is to share seven of your posts under the following headings:

The 4th responsibility is to nominate seven other bloggers and notify them.  A click on the CMBA logo or a look at my Blog List let's you know of many of the interesting and fascinating writers I follow.  Today I will pass along the 7 X 7 Link Award to these folks, may they accept it in the spirit it is intended, and follow-up as they choose.  I will say that it is an interesting exercise to consider your own work under the  provided headings.

Happy reading, all.  Thanks again, Lee.


  1. Congrats!! Caftan Woman!!

    Love the picture of the beautiful cats. They are purrrrfect!

  2. My sister Maureen captured those cats looking so gorgeous. Usually when they see a camera they start licking where you don't want to capture the moment.

  3. "I consider gravy a beverage." How Canadian can one person be? You obviously like poutine, too!

  4. Ah, poutine - the breakfast of champions!

  5. Thank-you so much for nominating me, Lee! It's so appreciated :)
    I see that we have a love of old movies and classics in common - we'll have to chat!
    I will definitely pass along the 7X7 torch shortly - stay tuned :)



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