Friday, June 6, 2008

The Amazing Janet

The end of the school year brings the last minute rush to finish assignments, summer plans and the Recognition Assembly at Lakeshore Collegiate Institute. It is inspiring and fun to watch the students receive their honours. Some walk across the stage with bravado, others play to their crowd, some are embarrassed. Many are from the same family or are high achievers who seem never to leave the stage.

I wasn't surprised when our Janet brought home the invitation to attend the morning assembly. After all, last year she received a trophy for Senior Band. It's not that we're used to this sort of thing - that was the first recognition of any kind she had received, but she is an excellent flute player so I wasn't surprised that she should be getting another trophy. The surprise was that this year Janet received a trophy for Senior Writer. I knew that my grade 12 slacker turned scholar had thrown herself 110% into The Writer's Craft class and that her teacher, Ms. Siegel, was pleased with her work, but the recognition was unexpected. What an amazing girl is our Janet.

I think Janet is taking after her Aunt Tracey, a jazz phtojournalist published in CODA, Canada's Jazz Magazine. I know the most amazing people.


  1. How absolutely wonderful to discover your gifts and nurture them. Keep developing your skills and they will bring you much joy. Congratulations, Janet!

  2. How lucky you are. Janet is even luckier. Brains and the ability to use them is a marvelous combo. On top of those gifts, she seems like a sweetheart (and as cute as can be). Janet, I wish you luck because you seem to have everything else. Be happy!

  3. You shou,d be very proud of your daughter...I've a feeling she gets some of it from you, too!

    Congratulations, Janet. I look forward to hearing of your achievements in the future.

  4. I am humbled to be mentioned in the same breath as the amazing Janet. Who is indeed, amazing. I know cool people too.



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