Thursday, July 31, 2008


Bad hair day or hat head? Hat head or bad hair day? I decided on hat head with the tyro wearing of a gift from my mother. A sun hat of neutral shade with a wide visor brim and a discreet bow at the back. Perhaps more suitable for gardening or a day at the seaside than a doctor's appointment, but I'm not spoiled for choice in the chapeau line.

I took a moment before rushing for transit to ascertain the opinion of my teenage daughter, the amazing Janet. She raised an eyebrow (how does she do that?) and responded, "I don't think Jeeves would approve".

Well, I mean to say, since when is Jeeves the last word on ladies hats? The Nolan blood was up and I sallied forth among the public in the benighted bonnet, returning to hearth and home a scant two hours later sans incident.

Maybe the amazing Janet and I will do a little hat shopping next week. Maybe.


  1. She is so amazing. Where exactly did you go right?

  2. Where did I go right? I think it's all in the choice of caregiver.

  3. Victory is mine! I made miss tracey nolan gafaw.

  4. Yet I still claim victory in relaying the story and making the kid read her first Wodehouse. A partial victory - a hollow victory, but mine. Bwahahahaha!

  5. Think of all the people you've made read their first Wodehouse! I'm one of them and I am downright EVANGELICAL with that stuff now. We could play "Six Degrees of Who Made You Read Your First Wodehouse" and everyone in Toronto would be connected to you!

  6. Um, she made me read my first lead me to buy a collection of 'em.

    As for the dilemma, I have to do bad hair most of the time, as hats are not an option at work. I applause your chutzpah!

  7. I would be in on that one! It might have been "Aunts Aren't Gentlemen" or "Pearls, Girls and Monty Bodkin".


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