Monday, October 13, 2008

How carnivores celebrate Thanksgiving!

My baby, baby, baby sister outdid herself with the most scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner ever! A variety of steaming vegetables. Moist turkey and tastey ham. Gravy so rich and savory it should have been served with a straw! Apple crisp! Homemade pumpkin pie! Swell music and lotsa laughs. We have plenty to be thankful for. (Miss Tracey is quite a gal.)


  1. Not fair! You're such a tease! I always check my blog and friendly blogs before I go to sleep. It's almost 3am and now I'm hungry. My clothes barely fit now. Gotta have a sandwich!

  2. Oh, you shoulda been there! We missed you.

    I see by the news that it's pretty warm out your way - how are you doing?

  3. I'm doing well, darlin'. It's warm one day, cool the next. Trouble is, now everything's on fire. Never a dull moment.


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