Saturday, May 9, 2009

Favourite movies: Nothing But a Man (1964)

A rootless young track worker (Ivan Dixon) finds what he didn't know he needed when he meets a young teacher (Abbey Lincoln). Conflicted by past choices and examples, romance and responsibility begin a period of growth, change and understanding. Life does not play easy with the young couple, especially life in the American south at the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement.

Ivan Dixon
1931 - 2008

A lovingly crafted film by Michael Roemer and Robert Young with a naturalistic and documentary feel. Specific to its time and place, yet universal in the undeniable truth that humans can but react to how they are treated. An outstanding American classic.


  1. Mr. Dixon was a friend of my fathers. My father actually had many famous friends. I would say that Ivan was probably the nicest of the bunch. Helluva guy.

  2. I'm so glad to her that Ivan was "the nicest of the bunch". Somehow I had that feeling about the good looking actor turned director.

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