Tuesday, August 18, 2009

That's cold...

...and funny!

Sorry to hear that Coors is pulling this ad from their "colder than" series. Toronto folks can chuckle at themselves - honestly, we can!


  1. That is terrific!! Shame they can't just laugh at it for the harmless joke it is and move on with life.

  2. I'm offended! Offended I tell you. I refuse to chat with Coors again and will not invite Coors to my next tea party. That will show Coors! So there!

  3. Nobody in Toronto is uncool enough to drink Coors Light. That's beer for the 'burbs and the coasts.

    How's that for cold?

    Seriously though, they're not wrong. I admit it.

  4. Let's boycott their sudden sense of political correctness. Offending people makes the world go 'round.

  5. Makes the world go round, and marriages thrive, my friend!

  6. Recently watched two "old" films on Turner Classic Movies and want your opinion (if you've seen them). The first was "Lilith," starring Warren Beaty and Jean Seberg. I found it terribly unsettling and extremely risky for its time. Seberg was great though. The second was "The Big Knife," with Jack Palance, Ida Lupino, and Rod Steiger. There was a lot of chewing up of the (sparse) scenery there. Palance and Steiger seemed to be intent on making memorable characters. Palance sort of jittered around and created an odd human being while Steiger went as far over the top as possible. Lupino played it straight and came across as a fairly normal character, if not one with an odd point of view.

    Though I found both of these films strange, I was rapt. I didn't end up satisfied in either case but I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. Oddities are like that.

    Just my opinion. I'm interested in yours if you've seen them and have an opinion.

  7. It's been too long since I've seen "Lillith" to have an informed opinion.

    In "The Big Knife" it seems as if almost everyone is inflicted with "Methoditis"! The exceptions being a very touching Lupino and the much-maligned Wendall Corey. You are right when you say it's something that certainly holds your attention.



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