Monday, June 7, 2010

Having Fun

I haven't been blogging much of late. Inspiration and fun has come to me from another source, the Etobicoke Centennial Choir's presentation of a concert performance of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance on May 28th and 29th.

This concert concluded my second season with the choir and I was quite chuffed to be in G&S land. While the choir repertoire is new and wonderfully challenging, my background is in theatre and musical comedy and now, I felt, was something in my wheelhouse. Straight away I auditioned for "Ruth", a role I always wanted to get a crack at. However, it appears my bottom notes are not all I thought them to be. No matter. Straight away I auditioned for "Kate" or "Edith" or anyone else who might fall under the category of "one of the others". "Kate" it was, and I was very pleased for she gets a few pithy lines and I'm a gal who likes to get her laughs.

My approach to the part was totally from an acting perspective because although I'm in a choir, I don't yet comfortably think of myself as a singer. I have learned a lot, but have a lot more to learn. I wanted to act the role and hoped the singing would be pleasant. It has been ten years since my last play (Aunt Abby in Arsenic and Old Lace) followed by a prolonged battle against cancer and a resultant unreliable body. I was excited about once more releasing my inner ham.

I don't have a picture in my "Kate" get-up, but here I am in full-on chorister mode.

Folks always have a good time with G&S and ECC's concert was no exception. Our group featured some wonderful professional lead performers and the choir really cut loose and filled the hall with beautiful singing.

I was the best one.
According to my family.
Well, of the supporting players.
Who are female.
Who they are related to.

I was the recipient of some lovely compliments and - oh, how I wish we were doing something like this again soon.

Esther Howard as "Mrs. Kraft", Born to Kill

One of my character actress idols, Esther Howard, was also a singer. She played naughty Clothilde in the 1928 - 29 Broadway production of Sigmund Romberg's The New Moon. What's needed now is for someone to write a musical version of Born to Kill or maybe Murder, My Sweet. After all, Sunset Boulevard worked. Can't you just hear Jesse Florian's big aria in Murder, My Sweet?

I told ya...I told ya, copper
I don't know anybody...I told ya'...anybody!!!


  1. You were the best. Even if we weren't related, you were the best. It was a fun evening. I hope ECC gets a good response and plans more G&S.

  2. That's one wacky picture of Esther Howard! She would have been a grand Ruth or Kate. But... you were the BEST!!!

  3. You guys! We're not related, by any chance? Thanks.

  4. Wish I could have been there. I'll be you were great.



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