Monday, March 28, 2011

"That's a major award" - A Christmas Story (1983)

Many thanks to Jacqueline Lynch of Another Old Movie Blog for bestowing upon me the honour of the Stylish Blogger Award. In promoting the fine blogs in the world of the internet it is now my privilege to forward the award to seven stylish bloggers and reveal seven random facts regarding yours truly.

My first thought is "Do I know seven stylish bloggers?" and the answer is a resounding "Do I know seven stylish bloggers!"
You'll enjoy checking out the world of Kate Gabrielle.
Cliff knows all about the handsome, talented movie star.
Pierre Fournier is aliive!
Tracey knows all and isn't above sharing.
The Bing Crosby Media Archive
What D. Lobosco doesn't know about Bing isn't worth knowing.
June & Art
Lee Price allows us to share personalities and history.
Fang Shih-yu and the "Trivia Wing" of the Shaolin Temple!
What's not to love about a site with an explanation point?

Me: 7 random things

Birth rank: First born.
Of Four Daughters (1938).

Politics: Moderate.
I took an online test.

Religion: Fordian. The Quiet Man (1952) is required viewing on high holidays.

Boyfriend: Archie Goodwin.
It's okay. My husband is aware.

Health: Cancer survivor.
Don't die of embarrassment, ask your doctor about a colonoscopy.

Inner me: Julie London

Outer me: Shirley Booth


  1. Congratulations, Caftan Woman. I always thought you were an award winner!

  2. I am honored to be a part of some of the most stylish people and blogs in the world!

  3. Caftan Woman, great big congratulations to you for your Stylish Blog Award AND beating cancer! What's more stylish than triumphing over that rotten disease? You go, woman!

  4. I am humbled... you are so thoughtful, sweet, and stylish, Caftan Woman. Maybe some of that style will rub off on me!

  5. #winning :)
    Being a stylish blogger, you may not get the modern day reference. Hey, you're a WINNER regardless of the era. Bravo, bravo...and a clap, clap, clap!!!

  6. Indeed, congratulations are in order for you, Caftan Woman! Obviously, it must be quite an honor you deserve!

    Again, I thank you for including me in your list of seven stylish bloggers! (I need to note in my web address that you wrote, it should read just change the "s" after "trivia" to a "w"! Thank you!)

  7. Congratulations, CaftanWoman! I've been enjoying your blog a lot since you joined CMBA and I found you! I love your 7 remarks - you have a sense of humor and reserve about yourself that are most appealing! Your inner and outer selves were great! I'm a lot like you -- my inner self is Bette Davis, and my outer self is Sophie Tucker!

  8. Television news consistently features stories bemoaning the nasty world of the internet. Television journalists do not know the grand folks that I have met on the web. Thank you, all.

  9. Congrats and thanks for naming me! I cheated a little and posted on Immortal Ephemera instead of and I didn't name 7 others, but I sure did write a lot!

  10. Uuuummm...did you just call me a know it all? Thanks, I guess ; )



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