Monday, December 5, 2011

Ode to Mine Host

Ease of manner

A twinkle in his eye

A fan and a scholar

Sigh. What a guy!

Dear Robert Osborne,

I hope you enjoyed your recent time away from TCM. Don't do it again!!

Caftan Woman


  1. Here's the part where we genuflect and kiss his signet ring. Me first.

  2. Caftan Woman - Great bit of verse and (pointed) message for Robert O. Love the picture you posted of the great man surrounded by flashing cameras. Now that he's back on TCM at last, he's, once again, "so nice to come home to"...

  3. My sentiments exactly (but you say it so much nicer!)

  4. Okay, everybody, we line up behind Jacqueline.

    Thanks, Lady Eve and FlickChick. (I know people with the coolest names!)

    We learned from some of the subs, that it's not as easy as Osborne makes it look, didn't we, wimseybynature?

  5. Caftan Woman and pals, you never really know what you've got until it's gone, so I for one am especially glad that the avuncular and urbane Robert Osborne is back on TCM where he belongs! His guest hosts did their best, but they didn't make it look as easy and fun as Our Man Osborne! Welcome back, good sir!

  6. I have wanted his job for so long. You might be better at it than I but I want to be Mr. O, when I grow up. If I can't have his job, which doesn't look good for me right now, I want to work somewhere on Sesame Street.


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