Friday, December 9, 2011

Six Degrees of Separation

MacGuffin Movies Round: link Her Serene Highness Princess Grace to the Clown Prince Charlie Chaplin.

Classic Becky began the festivities with a link from Chaplin to lovely Virginia Cherrill in City Lights and passed the baton this way.


Virginia Cherrill appeared in the 1936 feature Troubled Waters with...

...none other than the man of the month, Alastair Sim.

Now, let's see ... who shall I ... Hey, Vincent (Carole & Company), remember back when you knocked on my door and I wasn't home to play the game? Well, tag!

PS: It should be an easy three links to Grace from Sim.


  1. CW,
    So glad you're back! Great choice for the round. : )

  2. Hey! I thought picking Virginia would make it a little hard! Did I do an easy one? My intention was to drive you crazy ... guess I didn't succeed, CW!

  3. Should I go ahead and tell you how I would link it up?

    Yes, I think I will.

    Sim - Stage Fright - Dietrich
    Dietrich - Destry Rides Again - Stewart
    Stewart - Rear Window - Grace!

  4. i guess I should have made you find a connection between Grace Kelly and Soupy Sales...

  5. M'mm. Working on it! Ha-Ha-Giggle-Snort.

  6. Inspiration has struck!

    Sales - Critic's Choice - Jessie Royce Landis

    Jessie Royce Landis - To Catch a Thief - Guess who?

    I'm drained. Inspiration takes so much out of me.

  7. Oh, what fun it is to ride on Six Degrees of Separation! :-) Once I've gotten more deadlines out of the way, I'll re-join the fun.

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