Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Caftan Woman, chorister

What do you think of my David Tennant glasses? I think they make me look clever.

Janet: How was rehearsal tonight?
Me: Well, I wasn't kicked out this week.

In my former life I studied music and theatre. My free time was devoted to community theatre. Life, kids and illness...mainly illness, has kept me from doing what I loved to do. I missed it. I missed music in my life. I actually bought a book to teach myself the harmonica. I am sorely grieved that there is something Jim Belushi can do that I can't.

Last September there was a notice in the paper announcing an Open House for the Etobicoke Centennial Choir, entering its 42nd season. Why not? I should be able to manage one rehearsal a week without my body falling apart. In that former life I mentioned I was usually placed in the lower section of the chorus. A proud alto or sometimes a mezzo with delusions. At my audition, the choir director and I had a good chuckle over my sight-reading and he placed me in first soprano. I actually tried to argue with him. The guy knows what he's doing. I felt comfortable vocally, but strange personally. You can't spend your life giving sops dirty looks and then all of a sudden become one.

The Christmas concerts were a success and I achieved my first goal which was not to screw up. Tonight we begin rehearsals for the Easter concert. My new goal is to relax and enjoy the challenge, the learning experience and the sense of accomplishment.

Check out: etobicokecentennialchoir.ca

Photo courtesy of Maureen Nolan
check out: monolan @ flickr


  1. Do me a favor, CW. Take a look through those sharp glasses and what do you see? 10 hours southwest of you is an alto glaring. Did you notice me?!

    Chalk one up for the sops...they got a good one when they got you!! :)

  2. I see you. Whoa!

    An acquaintance has joined the choir. An alto acquaintance. My first friend in the choir came up to me at break and asked "Is your recruit going to cross the floor next week?" I had the good grace to blush.

    Hey, it's not as easy as it looks. It's not all melody, you know. The descant in "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" darn near tore my throat apart! Practicing at home - one cat ran away and the other threw up on my music.

  3. Thankfully, harmony comes naturally to me...I can't read music, so I would be W-A-Y out of my league if I didn't have an ear for a harmony line.

    My version of the 'alto dirty look' is more provoked by the superior attitude taken by many of the sopranos in my own personal experience. I don't doubt the challenge of the position.

    Tell me...are Beatrice and Rosemary altos??

  4. Rosemary is a sop.
    Beatrice is a lady.

  5. HaHaHA! "I am sorely grieved that there is something Jim Belushi can do that I can't."


    I know this late, but you were great. I can't wait until the next show!



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