Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Broadway to Hollywood trivia

Horace "Stephen" McNally
1913 - 1994

Former attorney Horace McNally decided to become an actor in the late 30s and toiled in Hollywood under his given name in a number of small roles in B pictures roles and the Broadway stage. A Broadway hit was Elmer Harris' Johnny Belinda in which he played the role of a compassionate doctor who helps the victimized heroine.

Under the heading of "what's in a name", Horace changed his name to Stephen and became a leading actor upon his return to the west coast. He was even tapped for a role in the film version of Johnny Belinda. However, he did not play the role he did on stage. In the movie Stephen McNally took on the part of the despicable Locky McCormick.

Three cheers for Stephen McNally. Check out Winchester '73, The Lady Gambles, No Way Out and The Black Castle.


  1. Wow! I knew he was on Broadway in Johnny Belinda, but I thought he had played Locky in both productions. That's some range!

  2. McNally had the good. Jimmy Stewart said of him in "Winchester '73" that he brought just the right touches to the character of Dutch Henry.


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