Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday's Child is Fair of Face

Born to Tracey Nolan and Jim Clayton of Toronto, a daughter on August 16, 2010, Eileen Agnes Clayton. It looks like the happy couple will get along with their new boss.

Eileen Agnes Clayton

Babies born under the sign of Leo are the happiest children of the Zodiac. They respond positively to love and tenderness. They are blessed with the qualities of nobility, generosity, self-reliance, leadership and magnanimity. They possess an understanding beyond their age, love adventure and are naturally idealistic.


The Leo child acts from motives of the heart, not the brain and are quickly moved by an emotional appeal. They are better leaders than followers. They are imaginative and quick-tempered, vital and fun to be around.

"Lenny" too

The lucky little girl has been given the middle names of her doting grandmothers. Government forms and teachers may refer to this child as "Eileen", but her parents affectionately call her "Lenny".

Eileen from the Greek means "light". Agnes from the Greek means "pure". Lenny is a form of Leo from the Latin for "brave", also from contemporary television for incessant wisecracker.

Welcome to the world, little one. Your family knows one truism in raising children - there is no such thing as too much love.


  1. Thanks, Lobosco. I think I'm going to like this "aunt" thing.

    The new mommy used to listen to Bing Crosby albums as lullabyes. The kid will be brought up right.

  2. Lenny is a lucky girl to have such awesome Aunties. Thank you. xo

  3. I remember that kind of happiness. Miss it. I'd give anything to have another child and those glory days again. Happiness to Miss Tracy and every Nolan on Earth.

  4. Thanks, Brian. Those were the days. Lots of times these days my kids don't even want me in the room! Gavin takes me by the hand, looks me in the eye and says "Time to say goodbye." Sigh.

    Good news is that my daughter Janet has a cold. She wanted her "mommy". We snuggled on the couch and bonded over the Mary Tyler Moore show.



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