Monday, June 9, 2008

Bloody Words VIII - Mystery Conference

How to almost get out of doing the dishes for the weekend.

I spent June 6 - 8 at the Bloody Words Mystery Conference, conferring, conversing and otherwise hob-nobbing with my fellow mystery fans/writers. An observation: I don't believe there is another group of people more open to hearty laughter than these lovers of fictional murder and mayhem.


  1. Sounds like a nice time, CW. I mean, if nothing else, you got out of doing dishes. Still, it sounds as if you were among kindred spirits.

  2. J have never heard of this but I want membership. Who do I have to kill and how do I need to cover it up?

  3. Instead of starting with a "J", I meant to begin with an "I". I have another question anyway. Do I need to kill a fictional character or an actual person, then write about the murder in a twisted and intriguing way to be considered for membership? What if I kill a fiction writer who is in the middle of writing a mystery, then I take over and finish his/her story? That ought to get me in.

  4. Godinla, it already sounds as if you have what it takes to join the club. No need to prove yourself for real!!


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