Monday, August 8, 2011

Honours and Benefits at My Age!

Isn't that the prettiest thing? "Liebster", as I know (or somewhat guessed) from singing Brahms in "my" choir, means favourite or beloved. Starting in Germany, this token of esteem has traveled the internet world, and this site is lucky enough to be among those chosen by the wonderful Becky of Becky's Classic Brain Food to receive and continue the electronic pat on the back.

I have found the blogging world to be full of the type of people you would like to meet in every day life. In fact, I shouldn't be surprised if the five bloggers I am going to forward the "Liebster" to have already been selected by another of their fan/friends. However, if I stop to check, I might be here forever like some sort of demented Flying Dutchman.

Skeins of Thought

Moira was one of the first bloggers I started following regularly. She has heart and, boy, can she write!

Another Old Movie Blog

Jacqueline is amazing - a fine and interesting writer, and a woman with an inquiring mind and the spirit of a teacher.

A Guinea Pig's Tale

Autobiographical vignettes by Carolyn Davis. When those commercials say more relations are starting online, I don't think this is what they have in mind, but I'm proud to call Carolyn a friend of long-standing.

Kevin's Movie Corner

The more I read Kevin's take on classic film, the more fun I have. Liebster!

Miss Tracey Nolan

Okay. We're related. However, even if she wasn't my baby baby baby sister, reading her blog would make her somebody I'd want to adopt - or at least have a glass of wine with.


  1. CW, I know some of your picks and look forward to visiting the others. I was happy to give a shout-out to your great site. Part of the fun of these things is being introduced to writers you might never have known about otherwise!

    By the way, I love your description of yourself as a Canadian woman of a certain age. I am an American woman of a certain age -- mature womanpower!

  2. Let's hear it for the mature woman.

    Faster than a speeding scooter!
    Able to leap small dust bunnies in a single bound!

  3. Caftan Woman, congratulations! You're more than worthy of the Liebster Award, and you're in great company with Jacqueline, Moira, and Kevin! I also think it's awesome that your kid sister Tracey is a blogger, too! When I've gotten some of my deadlines out of the way, I very much want to check out Tracey's blog and A GUINEA PIG'S TALE. Congrats again, and keep up your great blogging!

  4. It was my pleasure, Jacqueline.

    Dorian, congratulations to you! I'm sure you'll enjoy the blogs of Tracey and Carolyn. The blogging world is diverse and fun.

  5. Congrats, Caftan Woman. I, too, received the award. Had a hard time fitting it onto my narrowish sideboard, but somehow I managed it. :)

    I'm a Puerto Rican American woman of a certain age. :)

    We're all in this together.

  6. Ah, Yvette. The world is lucky we use our power for good!

  7. Cool Yvette! Well, now we have Canada, America and Puerto Rico represented. Come on, women of a certain age -- join the most fun club in the world! You can be from anywhere - maybe in the US we can get at least one from every state!

    CW, our power is for good -- but boy we can cause chaos when we want! LOL!

  8. Congrats!! Caftan Woman, from another woman of a certain age.

  9. CW, what a nice surprise to come back from a week's vacation and see my site listed here. So very nice of you. Looks like I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on.

  10. Becky, I for one am delighted to see your pretty face and saucy smile at last! Your son is a good photographer. Thanks for showing us your cute little punim at last!



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