Friday, August 19, 2011

How did she know?

When Dawn of Noir and Chick Flicks chose this blog among her honorees for The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award, did she know of my overwhelming admiration for strawberry shortcake? Of all the awards in all the cyberspace, what could be more appealing than that fruity, creamy, flaky goodness?

Of course there are certain provisos with being greeted by a picture of the desert to end all deserts, namely linking back to your host, sharing with and notifying 12 worthy bloggers, plus the dreaded "7 random things about me". Even though, for some reason, I'm feeling a little shy about the sharing part today, I can't help but think that bringing shortcake will mean an automatic welcome.

Bloggers, new and old, who brighten my day:

Seven random things about Caftan Woman:
  • I live by Lake Ontario.
  • I spend $6 a week on the lottery. Not so much a gambler, as a dreamer.
  • I'm a very sloppy eater. The friend who made my wedding dress used extra material to fashion a bib that looked like the bodice, just in case of slopped gravy.
  • I get a kick out of singing Brahms.
  • My childhood dreams included becoming a poet (people laughed), a police officer (too much Dragnet), and a big band singer (born too late).
  • My family likes to put things I need on shelves I can't reach. They think it's funny.
  • My husband claims he was tight the night he proposed and if I'd been a gentleman I'd have forgotten all about it.

Well, folks, I'm off to the fruit market to fulfill my strawberry shortcake dreams. Thanks, Dawn.


  1. Thank you for this sweet and very tasty award!

  2. Thanks for the award. You're aces!

  3. So sweet! No one deserves it more than you, kiddo. :)

    Thanks for mentioning me and thanks for my shortcake award. YUM!

  4. A colorful, tangy but sweet, and well-deserved award! I always enjoy your posts. Plus, you listed some of my other fave blogs, too!

  5. Thank you for picking Saddles and Spurs: The Great Westerns, as one of your favorite blogs. Loved learning more about you. Your husbands quote was very funny. Enjoy, your strawberry shortcake award you deserve it.

  6. Thanks, Rick.

    Dawn, thanks again to you. I didn't think you'd mind if we took an opportunity to spotlight westerns.

  7. Mmmm...delicious! Thanks a bunch! I think you left a comment a while back on something to do with Paul Lukas, but I didn't know you were misspaddylee too :)

  8. My pleasure.

    My cover is blown! Ha Ha!

  9. Many, many thanks for your kind recognition! I'm only sorry I couldn't thank you sooner -- have been at a convention all weekend. :)

    I enjoy your blog very much and am truly delighted to know you enjoy visiting my blog so well. Thank you!

    Best wishes,

  10. Laura, your blog is a treasure and a pleasure.



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